CONTEST: Deeming unplayable.

Hi all.

Time for a little contest about the Rules of Golf:

In the draft to 2019-Rules of Golf a new option is introduced: A player is allowed to deem the ball unplayable and drop outside the bunker on “the straight line”. 

The question is: How many penalty strokes (if any!) does it cost?

Write your answer below.

Among the correct answers I will draw lots about one free copy of my Rules book “First Aid – The Rules of Golf“.

Answers must be written below no later than March 4th.


  1. Paul MacDonald says

    New rule: A player may take relief outside the bunker back on a line from the hole through where ball was at rest for 2 penalty strokes.

  2. Zaw Myint Naing says


  3. Woon Ooi Kai says

    Two (2) penalty strokes

  4. Anonymous says

    Two penalty strokes

  5. Carlo Sblendorio says


  6. Diane says

    2 penalty strokes

  7. Susse Brandt says

    2 penalty strokes
    New Rule 19.3 b

  8. Kendall Maddox says

    2 penalty strokes: Proposed 19.3.b

  9. Peter Weire says

    2 stroke penalty

  10. Mike Lonergan says

    Two stroked


    Hi all!

    The correct answer is two penalty strokes.

    The winner is:


    Diane, please send me an e-mail to with your adress, and I will send you the free copy of the Rules book!

    Best regards

    Brian Oswald

  12. Mike Lonergan says

    Two Stroke Penalty

  13. Ian Murray says

    1744 was the first year that known golf rules were written.

  14. Anonymous says

    2 stroke penalty

  15. Hugo N Garcia says

    Two penalty strokes

  16. Hugo N Garcia says

    Two penalty strokes

  17. John Stallwood says

    Two strokes.

  18. Richard jarvis says


  19. Wayne Stopak says

    2 penalty strokes

  20. Wayne Stopak says

    2 penalty strokes

  21. David Grieve says

    Two strokes

  22. Filiberto Puente says

    It will have 2 strokes penalty.

  23. Anonymous says

    2 penalty strokes

  24. Johnny Williams says

    2 penalty strokes

  25. Gary says

    2 penalty strokes. You can’t believe how excited my wife is about this change. In her words, “I don’t do bunkers”.

  26. brendan power says

    two penalty strokes

  27. Blair Lothian says

    Two strokes.

  28. Terry Meany says

    Two Penalty Strokes.

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