Web.Com Tour player Anders Albertson got free relief from crocodile!

Hi all.

The professional players plays many different places.

Web.Com Tour player Anders Albertson recently found his ball in a water hazard…lying near a nice “little” crocodile:

1. The Rules of Golf?
In this situation the Rules of Golf (Decision 1-4/10) helped Albertson:

He was allowed to take relief without penalty (thus he did not HAVE to take relief with a one stroke penalty under the water hazard rule – Rule 26-1). The procedure for this was:

1) He should find the nearest place in the water hazard (or another water hazard) not nearer the hole, where there was no danger.

2) He should then drop a ball within one clublenght of this point, not nearer the hole.

2. OK to substitute ball!
Albertson was allowed to substitute his ball with another, and thus was not obliged to retrieve the original ball…


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