Boy chips over another players ball and into the hole.

Hi all.

Just thought that you should see this little video:

A boy chipping his ball over another players ball and into the hole (!):


1. Rules of Golf as of today.
Under the current Rules of Golf it is worth noticing:

  1. You are allowed to chip from a Putting Green – you don’t have to putt. (On a wrong Putting Green, though, you are not allowed to play at all, but must take relief without penalty).
  2. A player (A) kan ask another player (B) to lift his (B’s) ball, if he thinks it interferes (Rule 22-2). Thus, the boy in this video could have asked the other player to lift his ball.

Therefore you cannot be forced to try the stroke, that the boy in the video managed (to perfection!).

2. The old days.
Many years ago (before 1952 – see this article from ThoughtCo) there was something called a “stymie”, which was like this situation; another ball was in the way on the Putting Green.

If the ball (B’s ball) lay more than six inches from your (A’s) ball, you (A) could not get B’s ball moved, but had to be creative like the boy in the video, by chipping or hooking or slicing!


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