Tough luck for Jon Rahm’s almost perfect stroke in Waste Management

Hi all.

Sometimes you are lucky, and sometimes you are not.

Jon Rahm had to realize just that in the first round yesterday (Thursday) in Waste management on the PGA Tour.

1. Video.
Below you can see a video of the episode:

2. The Rules of Golf.
As you can see Rahms ball landed on the Putting Green quite close to the hole… but at impact it hit playing partner Wander Shauffele’s ball. Shauffele’s ball ended far away from the Putting Green, whereas Rahm’s ball ended 33 feet 4 inches from the hole!

The Rules of Golf are clear in this situation. Shuffle must (without penalty) replace his ball, whereas Rahm (without penalty) must play his ball as it lies.

Thus, instead of having a short birdie-putt, he had a very long one…

3. Par!
Rahm managed to get his par on the hole, and later signed his scorecard for a 67 (-4).

Not a bad day after all, I suppose.


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