Ollie Schniederjans shows in Waste Management that even top players can putt into the water…

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Are you a really bad player, if your putt from the Putting Green ends in a water hazard? Well, not necessarily.

It can happen also to the professional players, especially on the very difficult and fast Putting Greens, they are sometimes playing.

1. Ollie Schniederjans did it.
See the video below about Ollie Schniederjans who in the first round yesterday of Waste Management had a 73 ft 9 in. putt for eagle, which rolled more than 110 ft… and ended in a water hazard:

It happened at the short par-4 hole 17th (332 yards) where he had driven the green and thus was lying 1….before putting into the water.

2. The Rules of Golf.
As far is I can understand, it was a “red” water hazard, and he therefore chose the “two-clublenght-option'”, i.e. with a one stroke penalty to drop a ball within two club lengths of – and not nearer the hole than – the place where the original ball last crossed the margins of the water hazard.

He therefore had to drop in some rough, men managed to play from there (his fourth stroke) up to app. 6 ft from the hole….and holed out in his next stroke for a bogey (5).

3. 68 – and close to leaders.
Schniederjans shot 68 (-3) and was tied 12 after the first round.


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  1. Anonymous says

    New ball from same place. He had a chance for a par

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