J. B. Holmes took 4 minutes in Farmers Insurance Open to play one stroke: Slow play again in focus.

Hi all.

In the recent Farmers Insurance Open, once again focus was on slow play.

According to The Golf Channel some rounds took almost six hours. Attention was brought to J. B. Holmes who spend more than four minutes (to be exact: 4 minutes and 10 seconds according to Frank Nobilo from the The Golf Channel) on his second stroke (par-5-hole – he was lying in -8 – and needed an eagle to tie the clubhouse leader Jason Day in -10).

You can see it in this video from The Golf Channel:

J. B. Holmes’ slow play drawed some criticism on Twitter according to this article from The Golf Channel, also from other professional players:

Holmes did not consider it a problem: In the video above he stated, that he at the time was trying to win the tournament – and that he was in doubt because the stroke was between clubs – and that this was a part of the game.

Luke Donald wrote on Twitter that not only the player should change his behavior, but also that the tour officials should step in sooner – and Ken Duke had the same opinion:

It is probably not the last time focus is on slow play..:-)



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