Once again: A player suspended due to doping violation.

Hi all.

Once again a player has been “caught” in violating the doping regulations.

This time it was Brad Fritsch, who self-reported the violation.

Fritsch had taken a product to loose weight, and in this product was something called “DHEA”, which is a prohibited substance (precursor to testosterone production).

The penalty? Three months suspension from the PGA Tour.

Fritsch was very angry with himself; he found that he should have known. You can see his explanation here:

Recently a player received a one-year-suspension because he could not pee in a cup, and another player similarly was penalized with a one year suspension due to taking a product helping him to relax.

What do you think? Is it getting to much? Are the players penalized too severe in situations, where they really are not to blame and where they don’t really get an advantage?

Or are these penalties completely OK and fair?


  1. Walter Sartorius says

    While I’m sympathetic to his situation, the fact remains that he used a banned substance. From the article, not just once but over some period of time (he lost 28 pounds). I give him credit for alerting the tour, and accepting his suspension. Quite unlike VJ Singh. But the overall rules on banned substances are importantand and need to be enforced. As an aside, I think the penalty should be less severe for a player who turn themself in- compared to a player who get “caught”. A retroactive 3 month suspension in this case does not seem inappropriate.

    1. OSWALD ACADEMY says

      I agree, Walter!

      /Brian Oswald

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