Mark Hensby suspended for a year on the PGA Tour: Could not pee!

Hi again.

Another weird situation has occurred among the professional golf players.

The 46-year old Australian player Mark Hensby was this Monday suspended in a year due to a violation of the anti-doping-rules.

1. The PGA Tour’s statement.
The PGA Tour’s official statement is according to The Golf Channels website:

The PGA Tour announced today that Mark Hensby has violated the Tour Anti-Doping Policy for failing to provide a drug testing sample after notification and has been suspended for a period of one year. He will be eligible to return on Oct. 26, 2018“.

2. Hensby’s explanation.
Mark Hensby’s own explanation is some kind of weird.

According to him this is what happened:

  • On the 18th hole of a tournament in October he was approached by a doping-official, who asked him for a doping sample (a urin sample, I assume).
  • Hensby – having just been on the toilet after hole 17 – could not pee, though!
  • Hensby was then told by “someone” that he was allowed to just leave (i.e. that it was OK, that he did not give a urin sample).
  • He was in a very bad mood due to a bad round and due to a longer period of bad results, and therefore he just left the course after the round.

The PGA Tour did not buy his explanation and suspended him for a year (and by the way disqualified him for the tournament).


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