Change in the Rules of Golf, making balls slower, on the way?

Hi all.

There are many rumours these days (see e.g. here and here), that USGA and The R&A are working on a change in the Rules of Golf (also) for golf balls, basically making them slower…so that we all won’t hit it as far as we do today.

Players – both professional and amateurs – hits the ball longer and longer. Recently Dustin Johnson hit the ball 439 yards, and Phil Mickelson has hit it 450 yards.

According to GolfWRX, USGA Director recently said:

– You can’t say you don’t care about distance, because guess what? These courses are expanding and are predicted to continue to expand…The impact it has had has been horrible…The reality is this is affecting all golfers and affecting them in a bad way. All it’s doing is increasing the cost of the game.

I wonder if it is possible to agree upon such a big change?

All those companies producing the golf balls would probably object, if they had to re-arrange their production system. And all amateurs love to hit the ball long, so they wouldn’t probably either welcome such rules.

What do you think?


PS: Read more about the history of the golf ball on this link.

  1. Eddie Williamson says

    Equipment does need to be considered. More land,more water, and more fertilizer is required.
    Some coarses will not be able to sustain themselves.
    The cost of playing will continue to rise affecting the number of people able to access the game.

  2. Joe Serdakowski says

    If the PGA wants to limit balls’ capabilities for whatever reason, let them. However golf ball manufacturers should be encouraged to build “superballs” that can go as far as the technology allows, even if these balls are illegal for use in tournaments. Recognize that this comment comes from a golfer that tees up his ball on every shot, including bunkers (no one is paying me any money to play).

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