New Local Rule saved Alex Noren from penalty!

Hi all.

Alexander Noren became in September a good example of what it means, that a golf club has applied a new local rule this year.

1. What is it about?
In short: As of January 1st 2017 it was made possible for golf clubs to apply a new local rule, deeming no penalty in a situation, where the player’s ball at rest on the Putting Green is moved by the player, if the player did not move it intentionally.

Read the article on this link to fully understand what it is about.

2. Noren’s situation.
See the video below (especially from 00:21) about Noren’s situation in Omega European Masters in Switzerland:

As you can see, he had grounded the putter behind the ball and was about to hole the ball, when it moved slightly.

Since the golf course where he played had applied the above mentioned new local rule, no penalty was incurred (and the ball had to be replaced)! Good for Noren!

Therefore: Always read the local rules before playing another (and your own!) course.


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