Six-time LPGA winner Sei Young Kim penalized for stupid error in bunker!

Hi all.

Once again the Rules of Golf are in focus!

1. Facts.
This time in SIME Darby LPGA Malaysia, where the six-time LPGA winner Sei Young Kim – despite scoring 65 (-6) and being fourth in the tournament – could be a bit annoyed.

At hole 17 (par-3) her ball lay in a bunker, and before striking it she removed a leaf in the bunker. Ooops, you are not allowed to do that. She incurred two penalty strokes under Rules 13-4c.

-8 for the round was instead -6.

2. “Not a big deal”.
Kim did not consider it a big problem; according to the LPGA website she said:

– Honestly, I thought I could move the leaf… It’s not a big deal, we have two more rounds.

A positive attitude, but still not too impressive that she did not know that Rule.

Maybe she was already implementing the 2019-Rules of Golf.



  1. Anonymous says

    Incredible ignorante that rule. When I saw the picture I thought she have removed a Stone and local rule didn’t allow It. But removing a loose impediment… Kindergarden rule…

  2. BILLG says

    Rules are rules and they must be obeyed. but when it comes to a case where a player follows all the rules and is later penalized because the rules commitees changes her scorecard, which was correct when she signed it, and then penalizes her two strokes for signing a wrong scorecard, which was correct when she signed it, but they changed it, but did not give her a chance to challenge, or to resign the corrected card, is utterly ridiculous, and dishonest. I can understand them assessing a penalty after the fact, and changing her score, but she should be given an opportunity to either challenge the ruling, or to resign the corrected score card. Instead, they just walk up to her the following day and tell her she committed rules infraction the previous day, they had assess a penalty, changed her card, and now, since their change, she signed an invalid scorecard and penalize her another two strokes.. How stupid can a golf agency be to do that sort of thing. But to make matters worse, they catch the player on the course the following day when she is leading a Major tournament to 2 or 3 strokes an inform her she has been penalized 4 Get that, FOUR strokes that she knew nothing about, and had not chance to challenge, or to resign here corrected card, thus costing her not only four strokes, but probably a Major tournament win. THIS IS THE MOST UNFAIR, AND IN MY MIND, ILLEGAL ACTIONS that should be challenged in a court of law, where I am sure, common sense and logic would have a better chance than with the LPGA/PGA rules officials and committees. If a players scorecard is changed by a committee after it has been certified and signed by a player, that player should have the opportunity to either challenge that penalty, or to sign the changed card, before they assess her another two strokes. My beef, my rant, it is unfair, and in my mind illegal is it were ever challenged in the courts.

  3. Anke says

    This was a very bad interpretation of the rules and what happend. Sorry to say this.

    She did not got 2 penaltys because the committee changed her scorcard behind her bag

    She did not wrote the 2 penalties of her breach of the rules. So she signed a wrong scorecard. The rules says sorry but you have to aid a 2 strokes penalty to your score. And because you already signed your card, you are NOT DQ, but you have just another 2 penalty stroke.
    In 2016 she would have been DQ for signing a wrong scorecard. Would this have been better for you??

    So where is the problem?? The Committee did nothing wrong or dishonnnest.

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