Caddie-error cost a penalty stroke to trick-golfer George Bryan!

Hi all.

Once again the Rules of Golf has been in focus.

This time it involved George Bryan who this weekend played Peru Open. At hole 18 he had to accept a quadruple bogey at hole 18.

1) One penalty stroke.
One of these many strokes at hole 18 was a penalty stroke incurred due to his caddie touching the ball while it was still moving after a putt (!):


2) No further information now.
There are no further information about the incident, other than that…

  • … the penalty was one stroke (the player is responsible for the caddies actions – Rule 6-1) and…
  • … it probably happened because of problems with speaking together – it was a local caddie who supposedly did not speak English.

The one stroke penalty was incurred under Rule 19-2 (which is about a ball touched unintentionally). Had it been intentionally, the penalty would have been (at least) two penalty strokes under Rule 1-2.

By the way George is one of the two brothers in the famous “Bryan Brothers” trick-shot duo – and they are really good – ses the video below:


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