New Rules of Golf in 2019, part 30: Penalty introduced for breach of code of conduct!

Hi all.

This is part 30 (of 31) in a series of blogs about some of the proposed changes to the Rules of Golf.

These changes will take effect January 1st 2019.


Under the proposed new 2019-Rules of Golf, the golf clubs are given a possibility to make their own code of conduct…and to penalize a player for breaching these (e.g. one or two penalty strokes, or lost hole – or even disqualification).

Under the current Rules of Golf, there are not anything called “code of conduct”. A golf club thus is not allowed to penalize a  player under the Rules of Golf for not plying with a code of conduct.

A lot of golf clubs today have such codes of conduct but again: The player cannot be penalized under the Rules of Golf for a breach of these – he can “only” be given penalties like “a warning” or “a three month playing prohibition” or the like (i.e. he cannot incur penalty strokes, lost hole or disqualification).

It will be very interesting to see, how this new possibility will be used.

Imagine what the reaction would be, if a professional player incurred a one stroke penalty for wearing trousers or shoes, that did not comply with the local code of conduct….!



OVERVIEW: 31 blogs about the proposal to new 2019-Rules of Golf.

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