Quiz 14a about the Rules of Golf (difficult!): Relief from rock?

Hi again!

Now it is time for a difficult quiz about the Rules of Golf!

See the picture below.

Are you allowed to take relief without penalty, when your ball lies next to a piece of rock (the rock being stuck in the ground of a water hazard)?

Please answer below.


  1. Glenn Camp says

    If the rock was part of a retaining wall, yes.

  2. Ron davis says


  3. Peter Y says

    Immovable obstruction in water hazard – No relief available, play ball as it lies or continue under rule 26-1.

  4. Hansen Jess says

    No –

  5. Alberto says


  6. Henry says

    No, as I ball is definitely in the hazard.

  7. Liz Houston says

    No, play as it lie or take the penalty for relief from the hazard.

  8. Ron Howarth says

    No, the ball is in a hazard and movable objects can be moved, play the ball as it lies.

  9. terry says


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