New Rules of Golf in 2019, part 7: OBSTRUCTIONS!

Hi all.

This is part 7 (of 31) in a series of blogs about some of the proposed changes to the Rules of Golf, planning to take effect January 1st 2019:

An obstruction is – just as today – a can or a bottle or a sprinkler etc.

7.1 Movable obstructions.
With one exception, the new 2019-Rules of Golf allows you (without penalty) to always remove movable obstructions, no matter where the ball is and no matter where the movable obstruction is.

This Rule therefore almost look like the current Rule (24-1).

7.2 Immovable obstructions.
Immovable obstructions will be encompassed by the new Rule about “Abnormal course conditions”.

As you probably have read in another blog, “abnormal course conditions” is a new definition in 2019 (whereas after the current Rules, immovable obstructions is a part of the definition of “obstructions”.



OVERVIEW: 31 blogs about the proposal to new 2019-Rules of Golf.

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  4. Mr Malcolm Walton says

    Can a ball be moved if sprinkler head is between it a and the flagstick

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