New Rules of Golf in 2019, part 6: LOOSE IMPEDIMENTS!

Hi all.

This is part 6 (of 31) in a series of blogs about some of the proposed changes to the Rules of Golf, planning to take effect January 1st 2019.

The Rules about loose impediments get slightly changed from the Rules we have now.

As a starting point you will be allowed without penalty to remove loose impediments everywhere on the golf course (with two exceptions). In contrast to what is allowed today, you will be allowed to remove loose impediments from a bunker (picture) or a water hazard, even if the ball lies in the same bunker or water hazard!

If the ball moves, when removing a loose impediment, the ball must be replaced, and you incur a one stroke penalty, unless the ball lay on the Putting Green. This is roughly the same Rules astoday (presupposing the new local rule made possible as of January 1st 2017 is in effect – read about it in this blog).

It is clarified in the new rules, that loose impediments, that are moved in accordance with the Rules of Golf, do not have to be replaced afterwards (this question is not addressed in the current Rules of Golf).



OVERVIEW: 31 blogs about the proposal to new 2019-Rules of Golf.

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