European Tour winner disqualified: Overslept!

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The four-time European Tour winner Shiv Shankar Prasad Chawrasia was according to The Korea Herald disqualified from a tournament in South Korea (Shinhan Donghae Open).

The reason was simple: He overslept and therefore came too late to his tee time Thursday “morning” (11.50 am!)

What does the Rules of Golf say?
The Rules of Golf states the following about coming too late to your tee time:

  1. If you arrive maximum 5 minutes later than your tee time: You incur two penalty strokes in stroke play or loose hole 1 in match play.
  2. If you arrive more than 5 minutes later than your tee time: Disqualification.

In my “First Aid: The Rules of Golf” it is described this way:

Chawrasia had arrived from Switzerland Wednesday after a tournament on the European Tour, and due to jetlag he had not heard his alarm clock.

That is just how it can go 🙂


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