Time Schedule for new Rules of Golf 2019 ready.

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Hi all.

Again there are news about the change in the Rules of Golf in 2019.

On the USGA annual meeting yesterday, more details was (according to GolfDigest.com) revealed, namely a time schedule for the proces:

  1. March 2017: USGA and The R&A will publish a first draft.
  2. Afterwards will come a 6 months comment periode, where basically everyone can comment on and give input to this draft.
  3. USGA and The R&A will then decide the final wording of the new Rules of Golf, and will publish them in late 2017 or early 2018.
  4. The new rules will go into effect January 1st 2019.

So in about one month from now the first draft will be revealed and then the new rules will go into effect in less than two years.


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