PGA-Tour: Bryson DeChambeaus weird putter illegal – but weird putting style legal!

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The professional golf player Bryson DeChambeau was before last weeks tournament on the PGA Tour informed, that his putter was illegal (i.e. not in accordance with the Rules of Golf). Therefore he would be disqualified, if he used it (again).

You can see the weird putter at this this link. The putter had been examined by USGA, and the problem allegedly was the shafts placement in the middle of the putterhead.

DeChambeau was not too happy about it all:

“I was very disappointed with the way they (PGA) handled it. They’ve said to me, too, that they don’t like the way I’m doing it. But it’s within the rules, and I don’t know why they don’t like it…” he said according to

What they didn’t like was (according to DeChambeau) how he was (and is) putting; he putts “side-saddle”:

In stead of putting like most people and having the putter in front of you and swinging left-right (in relation to the body), he has the putter to the right and swings it “forward-backwards”.

This way of putting (side-saddle) is not illegal after the Rules of Golf, as long as you are not anchoring the club.

Legendary Sam Snead also putted side-saddle – see the video below. The video shows two ways of putting; the first is (as of today) illegal after the Rules of Golf, but the last (side-saddle) is not.

Maybe we ought to try putting side-saddle… it seemed to work quite fine for Sam Snead and Bryson DeChambeau….



  1. Joe MacDonough says

    This has been my putting style for 37 years as I struggled with back pain from a spinal fracture. The style allows me to reduce stress on my back by helping me get my legs under me when I side saddle putt, using a conventional length putter. It also helps to recognize that I have two eyes on my putting line the entire time I stroke the ball. I average 25 to 30 putts around and would do much better if my short game could be counted on. I almost never hesitate over a putt given both my confidence in pace and distance, and freedom to angle the stroke. The one issue I have is that most conventional putters have more than a 10 degree angle so I’ve depended on my STX circa 1980 putter all this time. If you’re ever around Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, NY, stop and see me get it done.

    1. RollYourRock says

      Hi, Joe and thanks for your comment –

      What model of STX putter do you use?
      Is it the STX flat-soled broomstick model or the actual STX side-saddle model with the radiused sole?


  2. Len Taylor says

    I agree that side saddle is a great relief on the back and, in my case, helps with a nervous eye condition that’s worse putting standard style. I watched Sam Snead at an exhibition years ago. After listening him explain his logic (looking right down your line all the time) and watching him, I agree with his statement that there’s just no other way to put. Hoping this stays legal.

  3. Bill Coe says

    My understanding of the rules of golf as it applies to putting is that both of your feet have to be on the same side of the ball line. Sam Snead’s method is definitely illegal today by that definition. Bryson’s, according to my interpretation is totally legal as long as he is not anchoring his putter..

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  5. Leonis Smith says

    Some of the “rules of golf” just seem weird – and with zero logic to them.
    It’s not the players creating the controversy when they find a better way to play – it’s the ARCHAIC IDIOTS that create the rules that are causing the issues and make Golf so unappealing to most folks.

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