Ball in spectators cup holder!

Peter Whitefords ball ended in a cup holder on a spectators chair in Made in Denmark!

Hi all.

I have been informed of a funny little situation during the recent Made in Denmark.

Peter Whitefords first stroke from the famous himmerland HIll (16th hole) Saturday ended in a little cup holder on the chair of a spectator! You can see pictures of it on this link.

The Rules of Golf.
According to the Rules of Gold the chair is considered a movable obstruction, and since the ball lay on/in this, Whiteford under Rule 24-1 had to drop the ball directly under the place, where the ball lay in the cup holder!

Whiteford had a bogey on this hole and eventually ended as nr. 71 (shared) in the tournament.

/Brian Oswald

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  1. Mark says

    If the person sitting in the chair with the golf ball in the cup refuses to move (jerk) or can not easily move in a reasonable amount of time (is handicapped or their care-taker isn’t available and can not easily move), what is the ruling and what happens then?

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