The pros are cheating a lot!

De professionelle golfspillere snyder, siger Jack Munro.

Hi all!

I have just read a quite shocking article today, written by an australian tour-pro (Jack Munro).

He told that he had seen and heard many incidents about players cheating on the professional tours (he has played two years on the Asian Tour, PGA Tour China, PGA Tour of Australasia and the Australian Development Tour).

Bad rules officials – and pure cheating.
It was quite shocking to read. He told, that he had witnessed many breaches of the Rules of Golf and noted, that:

1. The players, who committed the breach, did nothing and did not call any penalty on themselves.

2. If other players pointed out the incident, they where often attacked verbally by the guilty player and e.g. the players family! Thus you were often considered an idiot, if you were to confront someone with a breach of the Rules of Golf.

3. Often Rules officials let a breach pass without doing anything – and furthermore many officials were under-qualified.

Examples: Breaches.
Jack Munro mentioned nine breaches of the Rules of Golf, which he had seen himself, including:

1. He had at least 12 times seen players grounding their club in a hazard without calling a penalty upon themselves.

2. He had seen many players lifting their ball to see, if it was embedded in its own pitch mark – although they where very well aware, that it was not. And afterwards they placed the ball in a different and (“luckily”) better lie…

3. He has once in a while seen players drop a ball a completely different place than on the “straight line”, when the ball was in a water hazard. They dropped like in a 90 degree angle from where it ended, and then “luckily” came much closer to the hole than entitled to – and ended up in a good lie.

4. He has caught a player in marking his ball on the side of the ball, and then lifting the ball and replacing it at least one inch in front of the ball.

Jack Munro also mentioned that he had heard many, many stories from fellow players about other breaches.

I don’t know Jack Munro and have no idea as to whether or not he is telling the truth. But it sounds quite trustworthy.

You can read his article on this link.

What do you think?


  1. Edward Jackson says

    I have noticed, this season 2019,seeing a LOT of incidents, with players and rules, is this because of rules changes?

  2. Anonymous says

    The rules of golf are still too complex, unnecessarily so in my opinion. First rule should be, play the ball as it lies – end of, no embedded in own pitch mark. If it is really embedded, sorry tough luck, either play it or take a penalty drop. (Personally I would play preferred lies all year round on the fairway). If a ball is in a water hazard, make the drop zone where the ball was found rather than having to estimate where it last crossed the boundary. How many of the above cheats would this resolve?

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