Schedule: Rules evenings around the world

Brian Nygaard Oswald: International expert about the Rules of Golf - Rules evenings 2015/2016.

Hi all.

Many persons and clubs have asked me, when I am in their area, so that I can perform my highly praised Rules show “Golf – A sport for gentlemen?”. Therefore please find below the schedule for the next period – I will now and then update it, so you can find out when I am in your area.

December 2015: USA (New York area).
March 2016: Denmark.
May 2016: South Africa.
June 2016: Great Britain.
July 2016: USA (California).
August 2016: Australia (New South Wales).

Normal price is US $ 4.000 plus VAT, hotel and transportion (in all typically 6-8.000 $), but if you make a reservation in the period/places above, the price will be US $ 2.500 ALL INCLUDED.

Please note, that it is not a “normal”, boring rules evening, but a fun an inspiring one, where I will tell about home-made rules like “I will play my ball since it almost isn’t out of bounds”, “I dropped my ball almost on the straight line”, “I didn’t rake in the bunker since I could not find a rake” etc…

Therefore I give you this “guarantee”: If the Rules evening is not fun and inspiring, you will not get an invoice!

-> Read more about my Rules evenings at this link.

For inquiries or reservations about a rules evening, write below in this blog or contact me at

/Brian Oswald

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