Dustin Johnsons ball stopped…and then rolled again

Hi all.

Dustin Johnson had a little incident in the recent US Masters, involving the Rules of Golf. First, see the episode below.



As you can see, the ball was lying on the Putting Green, but when he walked around reading it, the ball began rolling again, and ended up closer to the hole.

The Rules of Golf.
According to The Rules of Golf, he should play the ball as it lay, without penalty. If he had caused the ball to move (which he hadn’t), he would hav incurred a penalty of one stroke, and should have replaced the ball (Rule 18-2a).

Imagine, that the ball had rolled into the hole. What does the Rules of Golf say to that? Well since he did not cause the ball to move, he should have played on, meaning that the ball was in the hole without any further strokes and without any penalty. If he lay on the Putting Green in 3 strokes, and the ball then rolled into the cup, he should then note a “3” on his scorecard.


/ Brian Nygaard Oswald

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