The Rules School

Welcome to the Primary School, which is the first of three parts in the Rules School.

The Primary School consists of eight grades:

  1. Elementary 1: The Teeing Ground.
  2. Elementary 2: Order of Play.
  3. Elementary 3: Searching 1.
  4. Elementary 4: Etiquette.
  5. Elementary 5: Dropping.
  6. Elementary 6: Provisional ball 1.
  7. Elementary 7: Water Hazards.
  8. Elementary 8: The Flagstick 1.

Each grade will take around 10 minutes to complete, so you should be able to complete the Primary School within one good hour.

When you are done with the Primary School I recommend that you take the Elementary School Final Test, and when you have passed that you are ready for the Secondary School.

Best of luck!