The Oswald Academy has produced a number of quizzes and exercises about the Rules of Golf which all golf clubs are free to use without limitations. The quizzes were written in Danish but are being translated into English.

Here is an overview of what has so far been prepared in English:

1. Does the word exist?
In this quiz you will encounter 24 words/expressions – e.g. “movable obstruction” and “loose impediment” – and you have to guess which words can be found in the rules… and which ones do not exist. It is far from easy and discussions are bound to arise. Try to hand it out during a rules evening, a company day or a similar event… and see what happens!

2. The Wednesday Quiz
The Wednesday Quiz consists of 24 sets of 3 short questions which you might, for instance, use for your weekly rules day with the ladies, the men, the seniors or the juniors in your club. You could, for instance, hand out the 3 questions before the round and then discuss the answers afterwards and hand out prizes. At present 4 of the 24 sets of questions have been translated into English. The rest will follow shortly.

UPDATE: A lot more is under preparation about the 2019-Rules of Golf and will be published in the fourth quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019.


The above quizzes is available free of charge for members of The Oswald Academy.

We are constantly preparing new materials and if there is a particular thing you need, you are very welcome The Oswald Academy at [email protected]