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Fantastic stroke… but was there a penalty?

Hi all. Sometimes I am amazed about the creativity some players have, when they think how to make a stroke. 1. See video. Se e.g. this stroke: 2. Penalty? Some people, though, have asked, whether the...
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Boy chips over another players ball and into the hole.

Hi all. Just thought that you should see this little video: A boy chipping his ball over another players ball and into the hole (!):   Practicing just in case the stymie returns to [email protected] @USGA #rulesofgolf #changes...
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No penalty to Dustin Johnson: Dropped coin on ball!

Hi all. Dustin Johnson is not unfamiliar with episodes involving the Rules of Golf! I just found an episode (from 2013 RBC Canadian Open) that I thought you should see - quite interesting in a...
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